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  • 5 Tips to Prepare a School Community for a Construction Project

    November 9th, 2018 by Catie McMenamin

    Planning a construction project at an independent school is no simple task. Neither is preparing the community. The campus is constantly in a state of motion, filled with students and then summer campers. There is a wide range of stakeholders, from those who attend or work at your school to those who neighbor your school to those who donate to your school and everything in between. If the process of a building project is new to you, or if you haven’t done it in a while, here are five tips from our panel of experts on how to prepare your community for a construction project.

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  • Safety Is about the People

    September 28th, 2018 by Catie McMenamin

    At C.E. Floyd Company, we focus on safety, because we care about the people on our jobsites. Nearly 6.5 million people work at construction sites across the nation on any given day, according to OSHA. The fatal injury rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average – one in five worker fatalities in private industry in 2016 were in the construction industry.

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  • 4 Things your Contractor Should Be Doing to Enhance Healthcare Safety Protocols

    August 7th, 2018 by Catie McMenamin

    Safety on and around a construction site is always a priority, but in a healthcare environment with active patient care, it becomes the most important consideration.

    Your contractor should be partnering with you to ensure they’re supporting your safety needs throughout construction. Here are four things every contractor should be doing to enhance your standard healthcare safety protocols.

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  • 5 Lessons for Improved Lean Construction Implementation

    May 29th, 2018 by Catie McMenamin

    With the completion of athenahealth’s West Garage, we have successfully finished our first Lean project. We encountered some unforeseen obstacles during site work and foundations, but with Lean we overcame these obstacles and hit our precast erection start date. 

    With our first full Lean project complete, we learned five valuable lessons to apply to our projects going forward. 

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