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  • 4 Requirements to Ensure Patient Safety during Construction in an Occupied Healthcare Facility

    July 19th, 2019 by Abigail Shea

    Over the years, standards and requirements for healthcare buildings and hospitals have become more and more complex, and require a deeper level of expertise. This expertise is a necessity not only for the healthcare professionals working in these facilities, but for those involved in designing and constructing them. Infection control within healthcare is a moral and legal responsibility and can be fatal if not followed correctly. A large majority of healthcare construction projects take place in the middle of active hospitals around patients with vulnerable immune systems, who can’t risk any level of exposure to the work being performed around them.

    Here are a few things your contractor should be doing between compliance requirements and best practices.

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  • Summer Slammer: 4 Reasons to Hire Your Contractor Early

    February 18th, 2019

    I know it’s the middle of February, but if you need to complete any construction projects on your campus this summer, you should already be planning the work. Summer slammer projects aren’t easy for anyone involved. With so much work to be done in a limited amount of time, these projects are stressful and have big consequences if they’re not finished on time. 

    Hiring your contractor early can reduce the stress and make the process more enjoyable. If you wait to bid out your project to hire your contractor, you’re essentially eliminating the contractor’s planning phase. Eliminate time for planning and everyone’s job gets harder and more stressful. Yours included.

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  • Ensuring Successful Cold Weather Concrete Pours

    February 5th, 2019

    Let’s face it, we’re used to starting construction in the New England winters. But the truth is this timing isn’t ideal for anyone. The weather is unpredictable and can throw off a construction schedule, while winter conditions add to project costs. 

    Ideally, you would plan your project to be done with any concrete work before the temperature falls below 40 degrees. But we know this isn’t always realistic, so read on to learn how to protect your winter concrete, the risks associated with doing concrete work in cold weather and how we ensured optimal results on a recent project. 

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