Electronic Project Management Process

We leverage technology to provide you with excellent client service. Through our “Electronic Project Management Process”, we share information efficiently and effectively with all project team members including the Owner Team, Design Team, C.E. Floyd Team and Subcontractors. The EPM Process includes real time information, cloud file sharing, industry software integration, responsive project management and greener practices.

Technology used during the estimating phase simplifies and expedites the massive information exchange taking place including drawings and specifications, addenda, RFIs, etc. Cloud technology also allows for increased transparency, consistency and accountability. Software integration allows us to rollover estimates directly into our accounting software on the operations side.





Real Time Information


  • Data flows to all team members delivering information to Owners, Architects, Superintendents and Subcontractors when they need it to keep projects on track
  • Most current information in the field as needed
  • Improved communication
  • Better quality control
  • Mobile technology integration


Cloud File Sharing


  • Project documentation is all managed and tracked electronically and available on demand
  • Reduces non-productive work at the jobsite
  • Transparency
  • Better data
  • Faster decisions


Industry Software Integration


  • Autodesk, Revit and Navis Manage software for BIM coordination
  • Reporting project accounting and project management data
  • Scheduling database shared by Project Management and Superintendent
  • Estimating efficiency
  • Enhanced team coordination
  • Savings


Responsive Project Management


  • Superintendents sync project files to iPads from the jobsite
  • RFI's can include photos of details in the field with questions and recommended solutions
  • Faster submittal and shop drawing turn-around
  • Improved change management
  • Timely information and responses


Greener Practices
  • Avoid need to print files for communication through digital documentation
  • Close out documents delivered on a DVD with an archived copy on our server
  • Reduced waste
  • Digital project archives



C.E. Floyd Company Sustainability Statement: We strive to tread lightly on the planet by minimizing the natural resources we consume during our normal operations and by continuously reducing the amount of waste we generate. We encourage creative, forward-thinking ideas that will improve the efficiency of the construction process and the advancement of new building technologies. C.E. Floyd Company invests in employee development to deliver the most efficient, sustainable construction projects for our clients.

We were one of the first four companies in the country to receive the ABC Green Contractor Certification, which recognizes companies who develop a sustainable workplace environment, both on and off the job site.

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